Month: February 2017

A bright Blue tarp laying on a tile roof has trouble keeping water from flowing under it. Wouldn’t it be better to remove the leaves, dirt and other type of debris from the area where the blockage is? (the sheet metal valley)

Once you move the stuff that is plugging the flow of water, out of the way, the leak will only occur when the accumulation returns.
Make a permanent repair by applying a patch to the area where the felt paper has failed and by completing the necessary correction so the problem can’t return. A 3-inch water-way down the length of the valley is key.


The most amazing solution

So, there you are… Here it is…

What is that?  Where is the water entering from?

Is there a solution?  Will it work?

The unlikely event of repairing a roof leak using a messy solution not always the very best, but it is very quick. Can it still a viable option?

What do your think?

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Apply a patch or remove it completely. missile

Looking forward to dryer weather

After the last three months (November through January) of wet weather, it will be nice to put on my tool belt, knee pads and wide brim hat.

I can finally get started on my long list of clients with leaky tile roofs. For the Valentines day time of the year, this is exactly what my body needs, right about now. I have been waiting to get my body up and out so, I can move around and play/work to lose this cabin favor feeling

Roofing on a daily bases has been a blessing in disguise for me, because it is like going to the gym each day to recharge my Body, my Mind & my Spirit.

Sky Blue above three patient trees
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This is like looking at a beautiful ocean landscape, but different